The Anime Scene Search Engine, also known as, is a powerful tool that allows users to trace back the scene where an anime screenshot is taken from. By uploading an image, provides information about the anime, episode, and exact moment when the scene appears. With its intuitive interface and accurate results, is a valuable resource for anime enthusiasts and researchers alike.
Key Features
  • Scene tracing: uses advanced algorithms to analyse uploaded images and identify the corresponding anime scene, including the specific episode and timestamp.
  • Web integrations: The website can be easily linked from other websites, allowing users to pass image URLs in the query string for seamless integration.
  • API availability: For developers and bot creators, provides an API that offers access to the image search functionality and database updates.
  • Comprehensive system: The system consists of various components, including web servers, browser add-ons, Telegram bot, API server, media server, image analysis plugin, and more, all working together to provide accurate and efficient scene tracing.
  • Hosting flexibility: Users have the option to host their own system by following the provided instructions and using Docker images. This allows for customization and control over the system's configuration and resources.
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