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Why Semut?

  • Speed: Semut is the fastest way to build PAAS and SAAS. Build PAAS and SAAS in matter of weeks instead of months or years.
  • Distribution: Semut makes it possible for your PAAS and SAAS applications to reach a broad and diverse user base, whether they operate from private data centers, utilize public cloud platforms, or rely on other infrastructure options.
  • No learning curve: Build applications in any programming language you are already familiar with.

What can I build using Semut?

Here is are some ideas to spark your creativity.

SAAS applications like HRMS, CRM, or any other SAAS app

Solve business problems by building innovative SAAS applications quickly and easily.

Wordpress, drupal, Magento

Build and offer popular platforms as a service. Enable users to host apps that can scale to millions of users.

Mail servers

Let your users run their own mail servers that can scale without scaling costs.

Bitcoin wallet, notes

Build cloud applications for individuals that that gives them 100% data sovereignty.

YouTube clone as a service

Let entrepreneurs start a highly scalable video on demand platform in one click.

One Platform.
Endless Possibilities

These are only a few ideas to inspire creativity. Possibilities are endless. You can build any PAAS & SAAS service that businesses or individuals would benefit from.

What makes applications built using Semut unique?

  • Cost: PAAS and SAAS applications on Semut cost the lowest in the industry. Many PAAS and SAAS applications are open source.
  • Autonomous: Appllications built using Semut are not just auto scaled, they can also be autonomous. Autonomous applications self heal, self monitor and improve.
  • Cost Scalability: Users can go from 10 users to 10 million users and pay only for resources they consume.
  • Reliability: Applications built using Semut are redundant and offer very high uptime guarantees.
  • Data sovereignty: Users of apps built using Semut enjoy 100% data sovereignty.

Virtual Patent Marking

Semut's products and technologies are protected or are in the process of being protected by patents in the U.S. and elsewhere. This disclosure is provided to satisfy the virtual patent marking provisions of Section 16 of the America Invents Act and to further serve as notice under 35 U.S.C. §287(a).

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