PhoneInfoga is an advanced tool designed for scanning international phone numbers. It provides a range of features to gather information about phone numbers, including the country, area, carrier, line type, and more. With PhoneInfoga, users can perform investigations on phone numbers by utilising various techniques to identify the VoIP provider or determine the owner. While the tool doesn't automate the entire process, it serves as a valuable resource for phone number investigation.
Key Features
  • Phone number verification: PhoneInfoga allows users to check if a phone number exists and gather basic information such as the country, line type, and carrier associated with the number.
  • OSINT footprinting: The tool utilises external APIs, phone books, and search engines to perform OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) footprinting, providing additional information about the phone number.
  • Reputation reports and social media analysis: PhoneInfoga checks for reputation reports, social media profiles, and disposable numbers associated with the phone number, offering insights into its history and usage.
  • Graphical user interface: Users can leverage the graphical user interface provided by PhoneInfoga to run scans directly from their web browser, making it convenient and user-friendly.
  • Programmatic usage: PhoneInfoga offers a REST API and Go modules for programmatic usage, allowing developers to integrate the tool into their own applications and workflows.
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PhoneInfoga serves as an open-source alternative to proprietary phone number scanning and investigation tools.


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