Cuttlefish is a transactional email server designed to make sending large volumes of emails easy and hassle-free. Whether you're sending a few emails from your application or handling a high volume of outgoing emails, Cuttlefish provides a solution that ensures your emails get delivered without the complexities and risks associated with commercial transactional email services. With a user-friendly web UI, real-time email tracking, and support for any web framework and language, Cuttlefish is a versatile tool for managing and monitoring your email sending operations. It offers features such as automatic handling of bounced emails, email open and link click tracking, statistics on sent and bounced emails, and a GraphQL API for programmatic access to the admin functionality. Cuttlefish is easy to install and uses open-source components, giving you full control and avoiding vendor lock-in. It is currently in beta and has been used in production by the OpenAustralia Foundation for many years, sending over a million emails per month.
Key Features
  • Transactional email server: Cuttlefish is designed to handle large volumes of outgoing emails, providing a reliable and efficient solution for transactional email sending.
  • Web UI for email management: Cuttlefish comes with a user-friendly web UI that allows you to browse and monitor the status of your outgoing emails, giving you full visibility and control over your email operations.
  • Real-time email tracking: With Cuttlefish, you can monitor in real time which emails are successfully delivered and which ones bounce, helping you to identify and address delivery issues promptly.
  • Support for any web framework and language: Cuttlefish is compatible with any web framework and programming language, making it a flexible choice for developers working on different projects and platforms.
  • Automatic handling of bounced emails: Cuttlefish automatically detects and excludes email destinations that have previously hard bounced, ensuring that your future emails will not be sent to invalid or non-existent addresses.
  • Email open and link click tracking: Cuttlefish enables you to track which emails are opened by recipients and which links are clicked, providing valuable insights into the engagement and effectiveness of your email campaigns.
  • Statistics on sent and bounced emails: Cuttlefish provides statistics on the number of emails sent, soft/hard bounced, and held back, giving you a clear overview of your email sending performance.
  • GraphQL API for programmatic access: Cuttlefish offers a GraphQL API that allows you to interact with the admin functionality programmatically, making it easy to integrate with other systems and automate email-related tasks.
  • Open-source with no vendor lock-in: Cuttlefish is an open-source project, which means you have full control and ownership of your email sending infrastructure, without being tied to any specific vendor or service provider.
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Cuttlefish serves as an open-source alternative to commercial transactional email services.


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